Which Vacuum Should I Buy?

Shark NV501

Shark Navigator Pro Rotator NV501
Shark Navigator Pro Rotator NV501
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If you're in the market for a vacuum, you're probably wondering which of the many models is the best one to buy. We're going to help answer the question by going over the brands and models that have the highest satisfaction rating from thousands of users. To save you time, we'll provide a summary of the pros and cons from hundreds of reviews (see below) as well as helpful videos(see below) that demonstrate the vacuum thoroughly. Finally, we'll provide a conclusion to help you decide if this vacuum is the right one for you.

Let's start with one of the most popular vacuums, the Shark NV501, also known as the Shark Navigator Elite Professional Lift-away Rotator (Model NV501). (Click here to see it on Amazon)

Here are some key features:

• Never Loses Suction
• Upright vacuum features 3 vacuums in one: 1) a powerful upright 2) a lift-away pod for portable cleaning and 3) a convenient canister vacuum
• Extra large capacity dustcup and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology traps over 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
• Ultra-maneuverable swivel steering provides the ultimate control to get in and around obstacles and furniture
• Powerful motorized brushroll can be turned on or off, providing superior performance on both carpets and bare floors
• Includes 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

It's worth noting that there are 5 different variations of the Shark Navigator: the NV500, NV501, NV502, NV503 and NV500W. In all 5 cases, the vacuum is the same, but they come with different accessories:

NV500:  Multi-tool, 18" flexi-crevice tool, canister caddy, straight suction nozzle and standard power brush.
NV501: Multi-tool, 18" flexi-crevice tool, canister caddy, straight suction nozzle, premium power brush and multi-angle dusting brush.
NV502: Multi-tool, 18" flexi-crevice tool, canister caddy, straight suction nozzle, premium power brush and car detail kit
NV503: Multi-tool, 18" flexi-crevice tool, dust-away with pad and standard power brush.
NV500W: Dusting brush, 11" crevice tool and premium power brush.

Here is the infomercial for the NV501 that goes in very good detail about its features:

If you're not into watching videos, we scoured the web and did the work (so you don't have to) in order to find the most common Pros and Cons listed about the Shark NV501:

Shark Navigator Lift-away Rotator NV501 Pros

"Sooooo many good things about this model!"

+ Never loses suction, and suction is very strong
+ Picks up dirt and pet hair very well; gets more dirt other vacuums couldn't capture
+ Lighter weight (though some people say it's heavy). Weight is is 19.8 lbs
+ Can turn off spinning brush for hard floors
+ Very quiet operation compared to other vacuums
+ Dirt canister empties easily
+ Air that blows out smells fresh, not dusty
+ 5 year warranty
+ Versatile design lets you convert from Upright to Canister to large Handheld
+ Easy to assemble
+ Easy to maneuver with swiveling power head
+ Filters are easy to clean
+ Many tools and attachments
+ Easy to remove clogs

Shark Navigator Lift-away Rotator NV501 Cons

- Vacuum can easily topple over; design is top-heavy
- Spinning brushes get a lot of hair stuck on them
- Lacks height adjustment feature
- The flexible hose is stiff and doesn't stretch, which contributes to easy tipping of vacuum
- Some consider the design to be bulky


There's a reason this is one of the best-selling vacuums in the country right now: many people want the strong suction power of a Dyson and its ability to never lose suction, but they also don't want to pay for the Dyson price. With the Shark Navigator NV501 you get that, but at almost half the price. Thousands of people who have bought it and used it just love it, which is why it's one of the most highly rated vacuum cleaners we've come across. Get it for yourself and see why this gives the Dyson some serious competition, at just half the price (sometimes, third-party sellers will offer it at even bigger discounts. Click here to see the lowest offered price on Amazon.)

Shark Navigator Pro Rotator NV501
Shark Navigator Pro Rotator NV501